Cram Down

Sample chapter from my latest installment of my 3J Legal Thriller Series. In it, Kansas City attorney Josephina Jillian Jones, 3J to her friends, must try to save her clients from financial ruin, rescue their bank’s president from certain death at the hands of his greed-driven brother and mob associates, and assure that her clients can continue to build low-income housing for marginalized communities. Lives are at stake, the clock is ticking, and the pace is frenetic. 3J has a reputation for being fierce and determined, but she’s going to need both help and a little luck to save the day this time.

Wednesday, November 20, 2024

The two brothers sat in the bank’s executive conference room. Archival black-and-white photos adorned the walls, each in an unpretentious brushed nickel frame and mounted with a simple off-white mat. They captured scenes of 1930s Kansas City and famous Black owned businesses of the time.

The Commonwealth Savings and Loan Bank was now at the intersection of East Armour Road and Cherry Street in Kansas City, Missouri, and the room where they sat was home to a large, oval, mahogany conference room table and eight chairs with embroidered seat cushions, three on each side and one at each end of the long table. Since 1901, the table had been a part of the bank. Back then, the bank sign read The Commonwealth Colored Penny Savings and Loan Bank.



Mark Shaiken - author | retired lawyer | photog

Author of the 3J legal thriller series set in Kansas City: "The gold standard of modern legal thrillers."